Better late than never

It took longer than expected, but in the end, at 94, Amy Craton achieved the Bachelor of Arts degree in creative and English writing with the highest score. To achieve the desired result, she attended online courses at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester. More than half a century ago the woman had already tried to graduate, but in 1962 she had to give up to dedicate herself full-time to her children. While not regretting her choice, the worry of not completing the cursus studiorum had accompanied her for all these decades. “It’s nice to graduate, complete this chapter of my life too. But it’s not over. I still have a lot to learn. ” And in fact she is already studying to achieve the Master’s degree.

The new graduate lives in Hawaii, but grew up in Massachusetts and spent her summer holidays in New Hampshire. It was precisely the memories of youth that made her choose Southern New Hampshire University. But Amy can’t take the plane and had to give up. So the rector Paul LeBlanc decided to give her the diploma at home, joining her with a group of professors and students in Honolulu for a surprise party.

Amy, who is the oldest student of the university, and probably the oldest student of all the universities in the United States, explained that she couldn’t spend the day watching Netflix. She wanted to do something useful, to set an example for others too. At her university she was already a celebrity, now he shas become a nationwide popula figure. After the celebrations and the usual photos, she wanted to launch an invitation to young people, but also to the adults: “If you are thinking of resuming your studies, do it. A world will open up to you “.

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